At Mission Wealth, we are your co-pilots on the voyage of life, helping you navigate the common twists and turns you are likely to encounter on your journey, but, while still helping you enjoy the ride.  We will map out your important goals and chart a course to get you there.

We’ll make sure you have all the right tools (like a budget and investment plan) and that you’re prepared for any unexpected detours along the way.

Our dedicated team will also make sure you do the boring but important stuff, like protecting your wealth and building an  emergency fund.

We believe that everyone deserves to live a life free from financial stress because when you feel confident in your money strategy,  this will often have a positive impact on your family, friends and community. Our committed team will be your guide, taking you from where you are now to where you wan to be in the future.

Our Mission is to help you Build & Protect Your Wealth!


We believe that everyone deserves to lead a life free from financial stress because when individuals and families feel greater confidence and security in their money, this will often result in a positive impact on their families, friends, and community.

Understanding your Why

While “What” you do, is important. “Why” you do, the things that you do is often the key to unlocking meaningful change as this is what motivates you to take action and make better choices for the future. We take the time to understand your “Why” and build a robust financial plan around this.

Full Transparency

We will always be transparent (sometimes painfully) with our clients. We say the things that you NEED to hear not just the things that you want to hear.

“Strategy” First

We are not “Product Pushers”. We believe that your strategy comes first, and the right financial products will only ever compliment this.

No Agendas

We don’t assume to know what you need before we meet and will only make this assessment after taking the time to understand both your lifestyle & financial needs. We are not aligned to any banks, super funds, or investment managers.

Keep it Simple

We make complex and difficult matters simple and easier to address which will give you more confidence in your financial strategy and empower you to feel in control of your money.

Financial Wellbeing is at our Core

We are firm believers that a person’s relationship with their money is often a reflection of their relationship with themselves. So, knowing that you are on top of your money can be one of the best feelings and we believe that this should be a realistic goal for all. We will help you uncover what is at the heart of your money stress and swap that with confidence and clarity.


Marcus Netto

Director & Financial Adviser

  • Liverpool FC Fan
  • Very Amateur Soccer Player 
  • Sausage Dog Daddy to Milo & Frankie
Desmond Netto

Papa Bear

  • Financial Consultant
  • Backyard Chicken Farmer
Ems Gorada

Implementation Manager

  • Latin / Modern Dance Aficionado
  • Former High School Sports Writer
Richalin Bayon

Back Office Support

  • Admin Wizard
  • Dog Lover



My career as a financial adviser began in 2013 when I was working in support role to my father at his small Financial Planning firm. Over the last decade I’ve worked at some of Sydney’s best boutique advisory businesses. My experience throughout my career has allowed me to develop a strong skillset and a holistic advice offering that allows to me give quality advice to most people. In 2023 I ventured out on my own and created Mission Wealth as a continuation to the legacy of great advice, left behind by my father after his retirement.



It might be a little cliché, but it doesn’t make it any less true. I absolutely love being able to help people feel confident about their money, make better financial decisions, and view their financial future with optimism. It is incredibly rewarding to see my clients smash their goals while still enjoying their lifestyle in the here and now.


I’m a big believer that a financial plan always works best when it is a collaboration between the adviser and their client. I don’t give orders, nor do I take them; I work closely with my clients to create a plan that makes sure that they are doing the things they need to do without ignoring their important lifestyle wants. I have found this approach has the be very successful across my decade long career. I also feel that it is important for my clients to always be learning and improving their financial literacy, so that they feel empowered to make better financial decisions and greater confidence about their futures.


Other Stuff

Outside of the obvious work stuff about being able to help people with their important financial plans (see above ), I am an avid football (soccer) supporter with my favourite club being the endlessly meme worthy Liverpool FC. I’m also a very passionate, albeit not very good football (soccer) player and still love having a kick for my local club on the weekends. Recently I have been dabbling Muay Thai and even got to compete in an exhibition match witch was an incredible experience. In another life was a formally trained chef and have cooked at some of Sydney’s best restaurants. Finally, having had a love for Dachshund’s ever since my childhood, I am the proud dog-daddy to my two little sausages, Milo, and Frankie.


Graduate Diploma Financial Planning (WSU)

Advanced Diploma Financial Planning (TAFE NSW)

Diploma Financial Planning (TAFE NSW)

SMSF Advice Accredited (Mentor)

Margin Lending Accredited (Mentor)



Professional Associations

Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA)

Tax Practitioners Board

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